This music is a wake up call.
Dont be one of the sleeping sheep.
like the rest of the planet.
So pay attention:

Humans have become so complacent.
So careless for other life on the planet and the planet they live on.
The hatred,
the greed and the jealously are simply unacceptable.
They have become so violent to each other.
Now I see why humans that control the masses
like to keep the sheep asleep.
I did not come to see ‘the circus’,
I came with the circus.
I do not iron the clown’s clothes.
I do not feed the monkeys,
nor do I fix the popcorn, set up the chairs, or sell the tickets.
I am here to learn from you and you are here to learn from me.
If you humans do not look at the big picture,
you will destroy yourself!
Open your eyes and look around you.
You might learn something.
You do not know
it is right in front of you.
You all act as if you have a spare planet to live on!


Posted by: Dane Banks on